Reader Services

Readers Services

What are Reader Services?

Reader services are one of many services that can be made available for individuals who are blind or who have low vision under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

A Reader is a qualified sighted person who reads aloud directly to the Blind or Low Vision individual. The Americans with Disabilities Act defines a “qualified” Reader as someone who can read effectively, accurately, and impartially, using any necessary specialized vocabulary.

How do Readers Services Work?

By using Reader Services provided by e-GovMarket, we ensure that information is properly communicated, received, and conveyed to our clients.

At e-GovMarket, we provide both virtual and on-site Readers for those who need them. Our Readers support our clients in several ways, including the reading of technical papers, emails, manuals, workshop handouts, contracts, and other professional documents. Our qualified Readers will work with low vision and blind individuals to assist with reading and scribing any materials necessary.

An in-person Reader will be present as opposed to a speech synthesizer. They will read information per the direction of the low vision or blind individual. The low vision or blind individual can instruct the Reader on how they want the material to be read, what sections, and at what pace. A Reader is not expected to fill out paperwork for you, however, it can be determined on a case-by-case basis.

e-GovMarket's ADA qualified Readers provide services for:

e-GovMarket's ADA qualified Readers provide services for:

  • Private business 
  • Government agencies
  • Medical appointments and hospitals visits/stays
  • Educational settings
  • Testing centers 
  • Research facilities
  • Legal Work

With a qualified Reader, Reader Services works well to:

  • Provide access to a qualified Reader regardless of the user’s age, technical expertise, optical measurement, and other circumstances.
  • Make text, whether in print or digital, more comfortable and practicable to read.
  • Create an opportunity to provide individuals to communicate with visual impairments equal access to written or digital documents and materials.

Cancellation Policies

  • Virtual Reader Services. Client no-shows are billed for the duration of the scheduled service or at the 2-hour minimum, whichever is less.  The reader shall wait for up to 30 minutes for the client before leaving the teleconference/webinar.
  • On-Site or In-Person Reader Services. Client no-shows or cancellations within 48 hours are subject to payment in full for the duration of the scheduled service.
  • Cancellations due to Acts of God relinquish all parties from liability and compensation.