e-GovMarket launches e-Editor.com, e-508.com, and e-Translators.com

Transformative improvements have been made for enhanced user experience and customization of user preferences! Some new service sites can be more work!

Now users can get the job priced and done with much less effort.

The new changes include:

  • Optional text message alerts for status changes in documents and inquiries
  • The launch of small business marketplaces
  • New partner portals for updates and timely pricing submissions
  • Discount and referral codes
  • Selections of document standards
  • Checkout with invoicing (must be pre-approved)
  • Added services such as Braille and Transcription

More updates have been made for Partners also:

  • A website for partners to get updates, receive assignments and submit their pricing
  • Referral codes for sending jobs to the marketplace (approved partners only)
  • Instant payment completed assignments

About our new Referral Program:

Approved partners will receive a referral fee when customers reference the partner's dedicated referral code!