Top Reasons that our e-Services sites provide a considerate experience for our clients

We get it. Instantly ordering services online is new. But yet, we use email to go back and forth for document services. We know this is a big decision, and you want to make the most educated one! We are here to help you feel confident about trying a new way to procure service, so here are 8 reasons that our e-services sites provide a considerate experience for our clients.

Privacy. You can decline any cookies and still get the full website functionality.

  • We live in a world where privacy is hard to come by. e-GovMarket stands by your right to privacy and your right to choose where and how you are tracked across internet platforms. Unlike other platforms and providers that are unclear about their privacy terms if you want to use their service, we will allow you to decline the use of cookies with absolutely no effect on how you use the website. We don’t retain any of your payment information, and we do not share your user information with third parties.

Our website is accessible for persons with vision impairments.

  • How does someone who is visually impaired visit, access, and read a website? Currently, most websites and commercial off-the-shelf software don’t make it possible. Here at e-GovMarket, we do. Not only is our site accessible for persons with vision impairments, but we also provide services to help other websites do the same. If you want to make your site accessible, reach out to us today.

We host our website in a secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) FedRAMP environment.

  • Federal government users are familiar with FedRAMP and use AWS frequently. We take your security very seriously, and because of this, we use one of the most secure hosts available.

We do not retain your credit card information, and we use Stripe for secure credit card transactions.

  • Unlike many sites that keep your information stored, we don’t, and we never will. We know that putting your credit card information on the web can be scary at times, so we’ve taken precautions to make sure that you are safe at e-GovMarket. We are integrated with Stripe to provide a secure method of payment, and we do not store credit card details on our sites.
  • Don’t want to use your credit card at all? No problem. We can set up invoicing options for you. We do not share your information with third parties.
  • You can opt in to our marketing programs and newsletters.
  • Tired of getting unwanted communications? We get it. You won’t be getting spam letters or strange texts from us here at e-GovMarket. We’re just here when you need us. However, if you WANT to opt in, you can! Feel free to stay up to date on the latest providers and solutions that we offer.

All our partners are small businesses listed in the U.S. Small Business Administration System for Award Management (SAM) — we aim to provide jobs and careers, not just “gigs.”

  • SAM allows government agencies and contractors to search for your company based on your ability, size, location, experience, ownership, and more. SAM allows users to search for firms by categories such as whether they are certified by the SBA under the 8(a) Development and HUBZone programs. These are the companies that we work with, so you know that your resources are helping to grow our economy long term. You can also select small firms by geographic location, whether they have a GSA Schedule, and/or if they are AbilityOne contractors.

Users can set up blanket ordering agreements and invoices. Contracting officers can add approved buyers with order tracking.

  • Once you find a service provider that meets your needs, you can continue using them with ease! Set up a blanket ordering agreement and get right to work. If you’re a contracting officer, you’ll be able to create a list of approved buyers and monitor it to maximize efficiency. We aim to save you time and that means saving you money.

You can provide feedback surveys for productive or neutral reviews and have up to 5 days to dispute any deliverables.

  • Feedback is key. We have all gone to eBay or Amazon and ordered something. One of the first things most people do is check the reviews and the buyer ratings. This ensures that you’re going to get the most out of your transaction. We do the same thing at e-GovMarket by ensuring the reviews are productive and moderated. Reviews are left so you can feel confident that you are going to get the product, service, or transaction you had hoped. And, just like the Better Business Bureau, if there is a false review left for your business, there’s no need to worry. Customers and small firms have up to 5 days to dispute any issue.

Coming soon:  We are continuously updating our platforms and pricing algorithms as we introduce our small business partners before fully introducing our small business marketplace. You will be able to select firms with GSA Schedules, different geographic regions, and with socioeconomic considerations (Woman-Owned, 8(a) certified, HUBZone certified, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned)

  • Looking for multiple types of services? We’ve got you covered. We will plan to create a single sign-on experience later this year for all our professional services, and we will continue to add more services. New services coming soon include transcription, Braille packets, and data preparation. Stay tuned!

We have developed platforms designed to help you find convenient, accessible, and quality services while reaching more tax-paying small firms (to help us grow our economy). We also help our small business partners grow their businesses in a cost-effective and easier way! If you have any more questions or would like to reach out, please contact us at [email protected] or 877-463-4686.

We would love to hear from you!